The 2012 Community Beautification Small Garden Award was presented by The Friendly Garden Club of Traverse City to Signature Salon in appreciation for designing, establishing and maintaining a beautiful garden!

The Global Hair and Fashion Show is a runway hair and fashion show bringing the feeling of New York Fashion Week to Traverse City to benefit the Women's Resource Center for the Grand Traverse Area.

Smoothing Keratin Treatment by Simply Smooth

Xtend Simply Smooth Keratin Replenishing After Color Lock Treatment...

Simply Smooth Keratin is a natural relaxing treatment that conditions and helps reduce and relax curl, leaving hair feeling healthy.  Smoothes hair and eliminates frizz up to 16 weeks with botanicals and the purest keratin, which is derived from human hair.  Using two type of quality keratin increases the performance of the treatment. The formula is also enriched with vitamins from plants, apple pulp, and vanilla. The Simply Smooth formula is gentle enough to allow for coloring and highlighting on the same day, and it will not alter lighter shades of color-treated hairl; in fact it helps color hold longer.

It‘s a brand new product used as a replenishing post color lock straightening treatment.  Xtend Keratin replenishing after color lock will replenish hair with keratin that may have been reduced due to color or highlighting services.  A great affordable way to try straightening while locking in your color and  locking out moisture and humidity, prolonging the color service and the Keratin Treatment.  Xtend keratin replenishing after color lock will maintain a frizz free texture and reduce curl for approximately 30 days.

Get "Shellacked!"

Shellac - the first hybrid nail color - is a breakthrough technology that combines the ease of polish with permanence of gels.  It is a true innovation in chip-free, extended wear color, lasting up to 14 days.  Shellac applies like polish and is UV cured, so there is zero dry time.  It is thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural, it provides stong natural nail protection.  And removal is just 10 minutes!

Say hello to the future of nails.  Call us to set up a "Shellac" manicure today!